Meet our Reception Team!


1 February 2018         

Training courses on European and international rules and regulations, in multiple fields of aviation, are our core business. Nevertheless, when professionals come to our headquarters for many days of training, much more than qualified trainers is necessary. Everything must be perfectly arranged in a pleasant atmosphere, and we are frequently recognised by our welcoming facilities and staff.

         It is all assured by our experienced facilities team, which can be very well represented by the receptionists Anna and Carolyn (Carly, featured on the photo above). We invited Carly for an interview, so she could tell us all they do to make sure you'll have a great experience while getting your training with us. 

JAA TO: First, can you tell us about your background?
Reception (Carly): I am American, with a Bachelor of Science and a Business Minor from a University in the USA. I have been granted the opportunity to travel all over the world and lived in a few different countries. As such, I have accumulated a background in customer service in several industries and countries. Thanks to my previous experiences, today I can efficiently work within an international environment, as we have at JAA TO.

JAA TO: Explain a bit about your work at JAA TO, please.
Reception (Carly): We are here to make sure all the facilities are well equipped and prepared for all the courses taking place every day. Prior to the course start, we make sure all the equipment is working and that materials, including books, pens, bags and so on, are ordered and delivered in time. At the course day, we guide participants, so they can find their classroom and all the facilities we have here available for them. At the end of the course, we receive the feedback forms, completed by the trainers and participants. Then we transfer their content to the internal system, and make notes of any problems that occurred. It is a complete 360-degree work at reception.  

JAA TO: Have you had a special experience at the reception lately? 
Reception (Carly): In November of 2017, we had a busy period. Around 120 professionals attended our headquarters in a single day. In order to prepare for this, the reception team worked hard, days in advance. We had to ensure that correct and enough materials were ordered, stocked and organised for these days - books, bags, and so on. Because of the number of courses and people coming, we opened an extra big classroom, to make sure everyone would fit comfortably. We took care that everything went smoothly and the participants had an enjoyable stay. In the end, we could provide the utmost care to all participants and trainers attending JAA TO.  

JAA TO: Do you have a message for those coming to have courses at JAA TO?
Reception (Carly): You will be very well welcomed. Every day, we receive all participants with a great smile, politeness and promptness. At JAA TO, we deliver high quality training and we are here to make sure your experience with us will be positive as a whole. Hope to see you soon!