An Overview of Aviation Regulations, Their Origin and Related Organisations


4 November 2017

Yesterday, at JAA TO, in Hoofddorp, the essential course “Introduction to Aviation Regulations” was delivered by the JAA TO-qualified instructor Ludo. This course outlines the overall regulatory framework of civil aviation and is a very good way to get your career in the field started. Quite broad, the course introduces participants to the various regulatory bodies and the type of rules and laws that are made by them. 

Justin Berard, a participant that travelled all the way from the USA for this course, told us about his experience with it. You can find his video interview on our YouTube channel.

In the video, he says: “Hi, my name is Justin Berard, I’m from Miami, Florida. I work for Aviation Registry Group and I was here for Introduction to Aviation Regulations (the course). At first, my understanding of the (aviation) regulations was a bit scattered, it was unorganised (my knowledge). After the course, I gained a better understanding of the structure and where to look, if I had any questions. Overall, I enjoyed the course.”

Three more participants, from Czech Republic, were also very satisfied: “The course was very good. The topics were very interesting”, said one gentleman. “It was what I expected, so it was pretty useful”, said the other. “The instructor gave real examples from the industry, so we could understand better about what these laws mean”, concluded the third. 

Indeed, JAA TO’s passion has been for a long time with the education of the aviation industry; towards high safety for crew and passengers. Our courses are based on more than 40 years of experience. As such, JAA TO is the most experienced aviation regulatory training organisation in Europe, and this experience and passion is reflected in the quality of our course “Introduction to Aviation Regulations”.


More about the course

This is an essential course. “If we talk about regulations, we need to know where they come from. Who makes them? And where can I find what I need to know?”, explains the instructor Ludo, about the importance of the course. During the training, an overview of the leading regulations is given to participants, who learn where they come from and how to find them in the annexes of the respective regulators.

Very interactive, the course debates and answers questions like “who should be involved in the investigation when an aircraft crashes?”, “How should dangerous goods be handled?”, and “What basic laws should a flight operator obey to?”.

The aviation industry is characterised by a complex arrangement of organisations and activities. In this business of so many different and important actors, from different locations, a didatic course explaining what each organisation is responsible for, and its history, can be very handy.

“ICAO is responsible for regulating the minimum standards, as it is an agency of the United Nations, created after the Chicago Convention. The Eurocontrol is only regulating traffic. EASA is one big organisation handling many things, almost everything. So they have different and important roles”, concludes Ludo.

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