DOA/POA Combined (Annex Part 21)

ARTICLE - 1 November 2017 

              Today was the third training day of the DOA/POA Combined (Annex Part 21) Course, which took place at JAA TO’s headquarters. This relevant course for Design and Production Approvals discusses in detail the tasks and responsibilities of applicants and holders of such approvals. It also addresses the responsibilities of applicants and holders for a Type Certificate, Restricted Type certificate or Supplemental Type Certificate, and changes and repairs to TC, RTC and STC All in accordance with the requirements of Commission regulation (EU) 748/2012.

              This morning, the JAA TO-qualified trainer Pim van Santen explained that “in the occasion of a new design or changed aircraft, it is necessary to provide a detailed description of the design or changes to EASA. This shall be included in the document so-called Certification Programme (CP)”. 

                 “When the new design or changed design has novel or unusual design features, if the intended use is unconventional or if experience with other similar products or services having similar design features has shown to be unsafe, EASA may prescribe Special Condition”, says Pim.

                All this to guarantee the aircraft capability for safe operation. “Special conditions contain safety standards which establishes a level of safety that is equivalent to that established by the applicable CS”, Pim explains.

                 In this session, which was fully booked, professionals from large aircraft producers, Military Aviation Authorities, Ministries of Defence, Institutes of Aviation Safety Technology and providers of aviation technical services, CAAs, and even airlines and helicopter operators were present.

               The course is disputed because it is very didactic, as the experienced trainer provides examples of novel design features, unconventional usage and unsafe condition, which are overseen by TC/STC/Change/Repair Approval Procedures.  At the end of the training course the attendees will have a detailed understanding of Annex I (Part 21), Section A and Section B, regarding design and production approvals.

               Who should participate?

               This course is highly recommended for, but not limited to, representatives from Aviation Authorities, who need to inspect aircraft manufacturers, besides the latter themselves, from the countries that are EASA Member States. In addition, Aviation Authorities from third countries, e.g. non EASA Member States, intending to implement Annex I (Part 21) are also welcome.

               Aircraft manufacturers and airlines from third countries which consider applying for an EASA DOA, in support of a TC/TC/STC/minor change, repair or POA, can also attend. At last, staff of Military Aviation Authorities and Military organisations, which manufacture and repair their own aircrafts, can benefit from the learning too.

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