Safety Management Systems for What?


31 September 2017          

         Do you know the ICAO SMS and EASA Management System Requirements? Not yet? If you are a Safety Manager, or other key personnel to management, who will be instrumental in the development, implementation, and management of an SMS, JAA TO has an interactive workshop for you. Authority representatives, who will be responsible for approving, auditing, and monitoring SMS systems, are also welcome.

            The ICAO SMS and EASA Management System Requirements Course, in the Workshop format, will introduce you to these very useful tools very fast. The course is given by our JAATO qualified trainer Brian, which uses a comprehensive approach to the topic. SMS is not only for a particular sector of aviation, as it crosses all departments in the field, so the course is interesting for many. 

SMS for what?

           There is much speculation about the reason why safety management systems in the aviation field exist. Our JAATO qualified trainer Brian explains that SMS helps regulation compliance, enhance safety and reduce risks. "In the end, there is an economic benefit, as it reduces the frequency of incidents", says Brian. 

Workshop for what? 

           The workshop given by Brian teaches to participants the tools they need to fulfil all the ICAO/EASA requirements for the implementation of SMS/SM. This workshop also provides a wealth of advanced materials and samples that can be used for the development of a performance based SMS/SM.

            Upon completion of the workshop, attendees become an efficient source of knowledge to the Accountable Manager and other managers in the Safety System. The workshop enables participants to assess their current Safety Management Systems and Safety Management Manuals, so they can modify and tailor it.

Who can attend it?

              Many people with limited knowledge on SMS attend Brian’s course, but this is not a problem. This course is specifically designed to give personnel, such as accountable managers, safety managers, post holders, safety facilitators, and authority representatives, a basic understanding of the elements and functions involved in a compliant ICAO Safety Management Systems (SMS) or EASA Management System (SM).

             “In this course, we really benefit from each’s other experience, as participants from different fields inside aviation can add relevant knowledge to this discussion. This mix of nationalities and fields is perfect for this discussion”, says Brian.

Quotes from Attendees


In the photo: Course participant from Lithuania.

“My boss recommended me the course, even though this is not required by law for our country, because our customers want us to have that knowledge. I’m a quality auditor, I have no knowledge and experience on SMS, and I’m here to get to know it”. 

“I’m from maintenance and I need to get experience with SMS to higher my profile”. 

“I’m a safety manager of an organisation localized in Malta. In the past, I was piloting. I’m here to get our company to the highest standards and requirements”. 

“I’m from Denmark, from the Danish airforce. I’m a safety manager there and we are trying to scale safety. I’m also a pilot myself”. 

“I’m from France, an ex-pilot from private airline. I have changed position in the company and now I need to develop my knowledge”.


In the photo: Participants from Serbia and Romania

“I’m from the Romanian civil aviation authority. I have certification for airdrones and a former education in SMS. I’m here to improve my basic knowledge”. 

“I’m an inspector from the Republic of Serbia. My job is directly related to the compliance and safety management system.” 

“I’m a mechanical engineering from Serbia and I need to develop my knowledge”.


In the photo: Participants from Slovenia and Belgium

“I’m from the Belgium civil aviation authority. I’m responsible for the compliance of operators and I’m here to improve my capability in evaluating their SMSs.” 

“I’m from the Slovenian Minister of Defence. I’m a flight officer, ex-helicopter pilot and instructor in the military. We have an SMS system and 3 of my colleagues already took the course. They recommended to me and I’m here”.  

More about the workshop

As a workshop, the course provides participants with the opportunity to work together in the development of the necessary documentation, which is required to implement and manage SMS or SM in their own organization. Participants receive an SMS and SM manual template from the instructor, which contains all advanced materials for this course.

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