New - Soft Skills Certificate Programme

23 August 2017

JAA TO has developed, based on the EASA Competency Framework for Aviation Inspectors, a Soft Skills Programme to support inspectors to be able to cope with the challenges they face by evolving from a Prescriptive to a Performance based regulatory environment. And even if you're not an inspector, this programme is quite suitable for attaining and further developing a combination of skills required to perform optimally in the challenging contemporary world of aviation.


The aviation industry is extremely innovative in finding new business models. Traditional ways of overseeing these models may no longer apply, therefore regulators need to find new ways of keeping oversight and focus on performance. This requires a change in culture and the mindsets of inspectors.

Competent Authorities face difficulties in having suitably qualified inspectors who are able to cope with the challenges posed by the increased size, scope and complexity of the regulated industry. Consequently, to respond to these challenges, competencies of inspectors need to evolve.

Inspectors need new skills, beyond the traditional aviation technical skills, to understand the wider safety risk profile, to increasingly direct the focus of oversight resources towards the organisation’s safety management capability and to understand how the organisation discharges its safety accountabilities. This has to be done taking into account how the business is structured, how the interfaces and subcontracting with other organisations are managed and how safety risks are mitigated. In this way inspectors should be able to challenge the robustness of the organisation’s safety risk management and safety assurance processes and be able to decide on the organisation’s ability to effectively comply with regulatory requirements.


Competency reflects the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to perform a job effectively. A competency framework describes in behavioral terms how these three elements should be best applied. Competencies have a direct impact on how well a jobholder performs.

The objective of the JAA TO Soft Skills Programme is to contribute to the development of skills expected to be acquired by Inspectors to deal with upcoming challenges posed by introduction of safety management, risk-based oversight and multinational business models in all aviation domains.

This soft skills programme will offer theory, examples and practical exercises to provide the participants with the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes.

The Programme

The JAA TO Soft Skills programme is based on the outcome of the EASA Working Group on the Competency Framework for NAA Inspectors. The programme offers Inspectors the necessary KSAs (knowledge, skills and attitudes) for performing safety oversight based on 10 soft skills presented in the Framework in 5 modules:


The modules can be taken separately or as a package. A certificate will be extended at the end of each module and a Programme Diploma will be extended after successfully having completed the five modules. For more information about the Programme and registration, please look at Soft Skills Certificate Programme or send us an email to