ICAO Recertifies JAA TO as Regional Training Centre of Excellence

4 July 2017

The Joint Aviation Authorities Training Organisation (JAA TO) – the associated training body of the European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC) – providing top-level regulatory training courses in multiple fields of aviation safety, has been recertified as Regional Training Centre of Excellence (RTCE) by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

To reach the RTCE status, JAA TO has undergone various extensive assessments by the ICAO Global Aviation Training (GAT) Office, starting with the nomination as TRAINAIR Plus Associate Member in 2011, to becoming the first Full Member in Europe of the TRAINAIR Plus Program (TPP) in 2012, and the first European RTCE in 2014. In 2015 JAA TO received an award for the highest number of participants in an online ICAO Standardized Training Package (STP). JAA TO was re-assessed in March 2017 and recently received its renewed RTCE Certification.

Paula V. de Almeida, Director of JAA TO, says: “We are extremely proud that our organisation has been recertified as ICAO Regional Training Centre of Excellence. The recertification demonstrates the effective implementation of the requirements established by GAT, ascertaining our compliance with the highest international standards of the ICAO TRAINAIR Plus Program. Being the first ICAO Regional Training Centre of Excellence in Europe reflects our goal to deliver the best quality regulatory aviation courses with the aim to increase Aviation Safety worldwide.”

Regional Training Centres of Excellence are organisations that satisfy a series of minimum requirements established by GAT and are able to develop ICAO Training Packages (ITPs) using ICAO provisions in partnership with ICAO. JAA TO’s first ITP will be launched by the end of 2017 in the field of CAPSCA (Collaborative Arrangement for the Prevention and Management of Public Health Events in Civil Aviation).