Managing Insider risks

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An ‘insider’ is a person who exploits, or has intention to exploit, their role for unauthorised purposes. They may be full or partā€time permanent employees, individuals on attachment or secondment, contractors, consultants, agency staff or temporary staff. Correspondingly, an ‘insider risk’ refers to the possibility of an insider exploiting or intending to exploit their role for unauthorised purposes.

This course aims to give delegates an understanding of the potential threat posed by insider activity and how to manage insider-related vulnerabilities. The course will explore how the use of insiders has been exploited by those with malicious intent in the past and how both physical and personnel security measures have evolved the counter the threat. The course will draw on a number of expert sources to define key terminology and equip delegates with strategies and tools to identify and manage risks in a proportionate and sustainable manner.

This course is delivered in collaboration with a partner and on request. Please contact JAA TO for the possibilities.

Course Content


  • Delegates will learn about the relevant regulatory requirements in the UK, Europe and internationally.
  • Delegates will undertake a risk assessment of typical civil aviation roles.
  • Delegates will discuss ongoing personnel security methods to assist in identifying insider behaviour.
  • The course will provide delegates with an opportunity to discuss with UK Subject Matter Experts how insider-related threats can be mitigated.

Learning Objectives

On completing the course delegates will demonstrate an understanding of the following:

  • The concept of insider risks and the possible threat posed to civil aviation by insider-related activity.
  • An appreciation of how insiders have successfully been used in the past.
  • The process for assessing the risks posed by insider-related activity.
  • The strategies and tools available to manage the threat posed.

Who should take this course

This course is suitable for individuals from National Aviation Authorities, government and industry who are responsible for implementation and oversight of aviation security regimes. In addition, those with responsibility for recruitment, vetting and other aspects of personnel in civil aviation should attend.


Participants are kindly requested to bring a laptop to the course to access course material which will only be provided in electronic format.


2 days, starting at 9AM and ending at 5PM

Locations & Dates
JAA TO Schiphol-Rijk, NL Netherlands
Dates not yet confirmed
€ 1090.00

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