ICAO TRAINAIR PLUS - Aviation Fundamentals

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An online course for all aviation professionals across all sectors. Learn about the aviation fundamentals of the air transport system in just 9 modules. The course price includes the exam.

Whether you currently work in any field related to aviation, or you are new to aviation, this course will provide you with an overall update and understanding of international civil aviation. ICAO, in partnership with the University of Waterloo bring you this efficient and cost-effective learning method, so you can earn your e-certificate today.

This course will be delivered in cooperation with ICAO (US Dollar price = $ 150,-).

For more information you can watch the promotion video Aviation Fundamentals


Course Content

The following 9 online modules cover diverse activities and regulations of civil aviation:

  1. air law,
  2. aircraft,
  3. operations,
  4. navigation,
  5. airports,
  6. security,
  7. environment,
  8. accidents, and
  9. safety.

Learning Objectives

To provide fundamental knowledge and inspire individuals about the different fields of aviation as they consider their professional goals and career path.

  • Explore the daily activities, challenges, and decisions within different areas of civil aviation.
  • Explain the complexities, and how safe, secure and efficient global air transport is made possible.

Note: Upon successful completion of the final exam, you will receive a Certificate of successful completion.

Who should take this course

Aspiring new aviation professionals as well as professionals transitioning into aviation.




20 hours

Locations & Dates
€ 139.00