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Auditing Techniques Flight & Ground OPS - Part OPS Compliance Monitoring


An industry specific three day programme specifically designed for those who need to manage, undertake or understand how to conduct effective Part OPS compliance monitoring activities in relation to Flight Operations and associated support services or in relation to contracted activities such as Ground Handling Agents, Catering etc.

Safety in flight and ground operations requires a well developed and effectively implemented Management System. An AOC holder will need to ensure therefore that the management system, related processes and associated procedures are being effectively implemented together with adequate discharge of responsibilities to ensure continued compliance with Part OPS and company requirements. Part OPS requires an effective compliance monitoring process that provides adequate feedback to the Accountable Manager, together with determination of root causes of findings and adequacy of corrective actions.

This course aims to provide comprehensive training in compliance monitoring techniques to facilitate a fully effective compliance monitoring process in relation to flight and ground operations and supporting the achievement business objectives. The course is highly participative, and promotes best practices that have become the benchmark in the industry.

Course Content

Subjects addressed include:

  • Management System principles
  • The Management System requirements of Part OPS
  • Integrated Management Systems, incorporating Safety, Quality etc.
  • Compliance monitoring principles and practice, including FDMS
  • The role & responsibilities of a Compliance Manager
  • Compliance auditing as an integral part of management
  • Relative responsibilities of those managing and undertaking compliance monitoring and compliance auditing together with those subject to monitoring activities who will need to consider and implement effective corrective actions
  • Development of compliance monitoring programmes
  • Objective based compliance auditing & reporting methods
  • Audit planning - development of audit check lists
  • Best practice audit conduct
  • Investigative auditing skills and techniques
  • Factual reporting of audit findings
  • Interactive audit role play activity - a feature of this course
  • Audit reports & records
  • Psychological aspects of auditing
  • Auditor competency and development issues
  • Noncompliance root cause determination, corrective action, audit follow up and close out mechanisms
  • The role of the Accountable Manager in steering the compliance monitoring process and ensuring adequate response to compliance monitoring results
  • Interactive trainer led discussions on compliance monitoring problems & solutions
  • Etc.

Learning Objectives

After attending this course, participants should have the confidence to set up and implement a compliance monitoring system including the conduct of effective compliance auditing throughout flight and ground operations, or in relation to any supplied services.

Who should take this course

This course will be of very significant benefit to Compliance Managers, Quality Managers, Audit Managers, auditors and those who need to have the necessary understanding and competence to set up and implement a compliance monitoring system including the conduct of effective compliance auditing throughout flight and ground operations, or in relation to any supplied services.

Accountable Managers, Operations Directors and others who need to understand and ensure that the compliance monitoring and associated audit process that will provide them with sufficient assurance of the adequacy and effectiveness of operations in relation to regulatory compliance will also benefit from attendance at this course.


A background in an aviation operations environment. No previous experience of compliance monitoring, auditing or the Compliance Manager's function is necessary.


3 days - each day will commence at 09.00 and finish at 17.30, with appropriate refreshment breaks.