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Hoofddorp, Netherlands

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€ 595

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Training courses

Aircrew Security Training


The Aircrew Security Training Course follows the mandatory conditions set down by EU Regulations, and will include the requirements of the client’s Security Programme.

Note: This course will be delivered based on client’s Security Programme. Please contact our training department for the possibilities to train your aircrew.

Delivered in collaboration with AVSC LTD. 

Course Content

The course consists of the following modules:

Module 1
• The Threat to Aviation
• International and National Objectives of Aviation Security and Legislation
• Response to Security Incidents, Including Threat Assessment
• Legal Powers
• Maintaining Effective Security
• General Security Awareness
• Awareness of Airport Security Procedures for Aircrew

Module 2
• Recognition of Firearms, Explosives, Incendiary Devices, and Dangerous Goods

Module 3
• Searching and Checking Aircraft

Module 4
• Protecting Aircraft

Module 5
• Hijack Countermeasures
• Airline and Government Response to a Hijack
• Hijacking - Police Organisation, Objectives, and Procedures
• Aircrew Response to a Hijack

Module 6
• Emergency Procedures in the Air
• Emergency Procedures on the Ground

Module 7
• Handling Media and Post-Event Debriefing

Learning Objectives

• To provide aircrew with relevant skills and the knowledge to allow them to carry out their duties effectively.
• To ensure that all trained staff understand their role and responsibilities in relation to the security of the Security Restricted Area (SRA) and the airport.
• For aircrew to learn and understand about the security context within which they will operate, and the requirements placed upon them.

Who should take this course



1 day (initial), ½ day (recurrent)