Annex 17 Awareness Advanced Level

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This course is designed to ensure that participants have a sound level of understanding of the philosophy of Annex 17. Working with the 14th edition of the Annex in a cooperative learning approach, the participants will be expected to participate in and contribute to discussions and collaborative exercises, as well as develop and demonstrate their critical thinking following classroom input around the elements of Annex 17.

The course aims to give participants a working knowledge of the baseline measures for Aviation Security allowing them to have confidence in auditing security measures under Annex 17.

Delivered in collaboration with AVSC LTD. 

Course Content

The course consists of the following modules:

Day 1:
• Definitions – Understanding the Language of Aviation Security
• General Principles – The Objectives of Aviation Security,
• Applicability,
• Security and Facilitation,
• International Cooperation,
• Equipment,
• Research and Development
• Organisation - National Organisation and the appropriate authority,
• Airport Operations,
• Aircraft Operators,
• Quality Control,
• Air Traffic Service Providers.

Day 2:
• Preventative Security Measures – The Objectives of Preventative Security measures,
• Measures relating to: Access Control; Aircraft; Passengers and Their Cabin Baggage; Hold Baggage; Cargo, Mail, and Other Goods; Special Categories of Passengers; Landside Areas; Cyber Threats

Day 3:
• Management of Response to Acts of Unlawful Interference - Prevention, Response, Exchange of Information, Reporting

Day 4:
• Attachments to Annex 17 - An overview and examination of the documents that have an impact on and from Annex 17
• There will be an assessment of participants’ knowledge and understanding on the final day of the course.

Who should take this course

Inspectors responsible for auditing security measures under Annex 17. 


4 days

Locations & Dates
€ 1790.00

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