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The Security Threat Assessment course is a one-day course, based on DfT guidelines, designed to help those who may receive threats by letter or by telephone, to make carefully considered judgments on the nature and severity of the threat, and then initiate appropriate action.

By the end of the course, students will: 

• Be aware of and differentiate between the various types of threat which are commonly received 
• Understand and interpret the threat report form on which information will be passed to them 
• Follow the entire procedure for assessing a threat in a calm, logical and systematic manner 
• Liaise with the police and other authorities and find useful sources of information to help the assessment 
• Assess information they have gathered considering the implications of the current threat assessment and the precautions already in force at the time 
• Fill in all the relevant details of the incident on the threat assessment form 
• Come to a reasoned conclusion in consultation with the appropriate authorities as to the categorisation of the threat.

Delivered in collaboration with Avsec global ltd 

Course Content

The course exists the following modules:

Module 1: The Security System – this module explores the constituent parts of the security system, detailing the legislation, procedures, people, and equipment that all work together to create a robust and logical security system.

Module 2: The Threat Level – this module details the threats to aviation, and explores how the level of threat is determined.

Module 3: Threat, Vulnerability, and Risk – this module explains how the threat and vulnerability of the operation combine to produce the risk. Risk assessment and management tools are presented to enable participants to identify and manage risk to their operation.

Module 4: Threat Assessment – Positive Target Identification (PTI) This module takes the participant through the process for identifying and classifying threats against their operation. It guided the candidate in using a logical, tried and tested; DfT approved process of classifying threat to produce a green, amber, or red threat status.

Candidates are then given guidance on how each threat should be addressed and dealt with.

Who should take this course

This training course will be particularly relevant to:
• Duty staff in an airline operations room
• Airline or airport security personnel
• Duty managers at airports or in handling agents
• • Senior managers of small airlines
• • Station managers of overseas airlines


1 Day

Locations & Dates
€ 595.00

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