Aviation Security Management (Foundation)

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Schiphol-Rijk Netherlands
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€ 1290.00

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This course provides an exposure of foundation level to the current threats to security that the international civil aviation sector is facing, including terrorism. It provides a detailed analysis of security issues that affect daily airport and airline operations and offers practical strategies, techniques, and solutions for managing risks in a dynamic operational context. It will also provide an awareness of the importance of developing security management systems (SeMS) and how to integrate them with safety systems.

This short, foundation level training course is intended to cover all aspects of aviation security, from a management perspective, such as human trafficking, information security, unruly passengers, background vetting, cybersecurity, and more. 

Course Content

The following topics will be addressed in the training:

  • The Civil Aviation Security Landscape, Regulations, and Standards
  • Principles of International  Aviation Security and Security Planning Frameworks
  • Law Enforcement and Policing Functions at Airports
  • Current and Emerging Civil Aviation Security Threats
  • Security Risk Management Methodologies
  • Security Audit Planning, Implementation and Evaluation
  • Security Management Systems (SeMS)
  • Security Technology and Trends
  • Information Security
  • Aviation Cyber Security
  • Aviation and Modern Slavery
  • Management of Crowds and Unruly Passengers
  • Human Factors and Security Implications

Interactive activities during the course:

  • Practical individual and group exercises to carry out security risk/threat assessments
  • Analysis of security-related case studies to identify lessons and prepare solutions
  • Complete a security risk assessment
  • Security operations planning
  • Management and problem-solving in an aviation security environment

Learning Objectives

At the end of this course learners should be able to:

  • Describe the current and emerging security threats and risks to the aviation sector;
  • Explain the core principles of aviation security, the legal framework for managing threats and risks, and the roles of relevant international bodies;
  • Use a range of integrated security planning strategies to improve security compliance and security planning;
  • Design, organise and measure simple exercises to test existing security arrangements using quality management methods to achieve continuous improvement, and to draw conclusions;
  • Prepare security awareness briefings for airport and airline workers, contractors and visitors; and 
  • Evaluate the components of an aviation security management system.

Who should take this course

Leaders and managers with strategic responsibility for airport operations, including those working for airlines, airport operators, civil aviation authorities and law enforcement agencies, supervisors and managers who are working, or are soon to work, in the aviation sector and those with an investigative or crisis response role to aviation scenarios.




This is a 3-day course, starting at 9:00 and ending at approximately 17:30

Locations & Dates
JAA TO Schiphol-Rijk, NL Netherlands
Dates not yet confirmed
€ 1290.00

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