Essential Elements of Criminal Air Law for Aviation Professionals

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Unruly passenger behaviour can lead to serious security and safety threats. In order to handle the situation correctly, sufficient training is required for ALL aviation personnel dealing with passengers at any point of the passenger’s trajectory throughout the airport, gate, aircraft and final destination: the so called “passenger’s chain.”

Given the threats to civil aviation safety and security and the urgent need for training, JAA TO developed an online ICAO TRAINAIR PLUS Standardized Training Package (STP) which will assist in the implementation of relevant States’ legislative and regulatory framework, in addition to facilitating the harmonization of the implementation of specific ICAO Conventions, treaties and provisions.

This course will provide aviation professionals with the necessary knowledge, skills, and attitudes to correctly carry out the appropriate procedures during specific safety and security incidents in an aerodrome and on board an aircraft.


Course Content

In this course, personnel in all aviation jobs in the passengers’ chain will be trained on the regulatory framework regarding the chain of command, responsibilities, and liabilities when it comes to specific safety and security incidents in aerodromes and on board an aircraft.

The participants will also learn the different regulations of the applicable law and procedures when a suspicious passenger is on board the aircraft, in case the doors are open or closed (definition of an aircraft “in flight”).

Learning Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Explain the applicable legal framework in international civil aviation (ICAO, States, etc.)
  • Identify suspicious behaviour
  • Handle a situation
  • Carry out procedures following Airport Police orders
  • Complete an incident report

Who should take this course

Primary target audience

  • Aviation personnel in direct contact with passengers (Pilots and Cockpit Crew, Cabin Crew, Air Police Officers, Aerodrome firefighters; Ground operations personnel)

Secondary target audience

  • Air Traffic Controllers, CAA personnel (inspectors, managers and senior executives), Safety Managers from aviation service providers, Security Managers at airports and airlines, Law enforcement personnel, Customs officers, Ground handling managers


  • Accredited aviation personnel
  • Good command of working English (specific terminology is used in the course materials that requires learners to be able to understand the course materials and respond to assessment questions)


This is an online training and will take around 18 hours. Access to the course will be granted 24/7, for a period covering 3 weeks.

Locations & Dates
€ 360.00