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Soft Skills Certificate Programme


The aviation industry is innovative in finding new business models. Traditional ways of overseeing these models may no longer be enough, therefore regulators needs to find new ways of keeping oversight and focus on performance. This requires a change in culture and the building up competencies of Inspectors.

The Soft Skills Certificate programme will focus on attitudes and behavior in effective communication and teamwork to navigate within complex organizations and systems.

The programme will furthermore focus on knowledge and skills of understanding the inspector role and the development and maintenance of skills in order to achieve objectives, engagement in a life-long learning process and effective and flexible adaptation within a changing environment.

This performance-based programme will offer theory, examples and practical exercises to provide the participants with the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes.

The e-learning online course will focus on project management tools, structure, the process of gathering relevant information and identifying key issues related to this information and performance based orientation when dealing with complexity.

Course Content

The Soft Skills Certificate programme is based on the outcome of the “Working Group on the Competency Framework for NAA Inspectors”.

The course offers Inspectors the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes for performing safety oversight based on 10 soft skills presented in the Framework.

Below topics will be covered in the programme:

  • Communication & Teamwork
  • Role Awareness & Decision Making
  • Interpersonal skills & Self-Development
  • Performance based orientation & Dealing with complexity (e-learning)
  • Project Management & Analytical Skills (e-learning)

Learning Objectives

The course objective is that Inspectors develop the necessary skills as per the programme topics which enable them to deal with the challenges posed by introduction of safety management, risk-based oversight and multinational business models in all aviation domains.

Who should take this course

Primary audience: CAA Inspectors
Secondary audience: industry (internal auditors etc.)

The course is also highly recommendable for the industry sector; anyone with a managerial function, team leaders, project managers, quality & safety management Inspectors, internal Auditors


A desire to learn about the soft skills related of being an Inspector or Auditor.


3 days classroom based. Starting at 09:00 on all days and finishing at approximately 16.30.

2 modules e-learning

The classroom based courses and e-learning modules can also be taken separately. Please contact for more information.