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Soft Skills Training Programme


New business models continuously arise within the aviation industry. Traditional ways of overseeing these models may no longer be enough, therefore regulators have found themselves in the need to find new ways of keeping oversight. Possessing soft skills is one of the ways forward according to the “Proposal for a Competency Framework for the Competent Authorities’ Inspectors”.

The Soft Skills Training Programme will focus on attitudes and behavior an Inspector/auditor/leader/manager should have whilst carrying out their daily tasks. The programme will focus on understanding the inspector role and the development of skills in order to achieve good attitudes and behaviors, engagement in a life-long learning process and effective and flexible adaptation within a changing environment.

This competency-based programme will offer theory, examples and practical exercises about soft skills for participants to apply in their daily work

The e-learning course will focus on project management tools, structure, the process of gathering relevant information and identifying key issues related to this information.

Course Content

The Soft Skills training programme is based on the outcome of the “Proposal for a Competency Framework for the Competent Authorities’ Inspectors”.

The course offers the general knowledge about soft skills based on 10 soft skills presented in the framework. Below topics will be covered in the programme:

  • Role Awareness
  • Self-Development with focus on performance-based orientation and dealing with complexity
  • Communication
  • Decision Making 
  • Teamwork
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Project Management (e-learning)
  • Analytical Skills (e-learning)

There will be no exam, but there will be a final exercise on the last day, summarizing three days of soft skills training.

Note: the technical skills mentioned in the EASA document are not subjects of the Soft Skills Training Programme. For technical knowledge courses please visit our NAA courses

Learning Objectives

The course objective will be introducing and training in soft skills, which enables inspectors, auditors, leaders and managers to deal with the challenges posed by new business models in the aviation industry.

Who should take this course

  • Primary audience: CAA Inspectors
  • Secondary audience: industry (internal auditors etc.)

The course is also highly recommendable for the industry sector; anyone with a managerial function, team leaders, project managers, quality & safety management Inspectors, internal auditors


All participants are required to prepare as following:

  1. Read the document “Proposal for a Competency Framework for the Competent Authorities’ Inspectors”; and
  2. Write in one paragraph a real or fictive case based on your tasks and responsibilities. This information must be submitted in the field of EXPECTATIONS, which you are required to fill in when registering for the course. Some of the cases will be selected and discussed in the course.


3 days classroom based. Starting at 09:00 on all days and finishing at approximately 16.30.
2 modules e-learning.