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Hoofddorp, Netherlands

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Training courses

Air Crew Commission Regulations (EU) 1178/2011 and Amending Regulations


This training course has been replaced by the new EASA Aircrew Licensing Training Course





EASA Air Crew Regulation provides a brief presentation of Basic Regulation 216/08 and a comprehensive introduction to the annexes contained in EU regulation 1178/11 and Amending Regulations for Air Crew.

EASE E-Examination
For courses held in Hoofddorp, we have the below EASA E-Examinations available:
- Authority Requirements for Aircrew - General overview [E.1178-ARA.001]
- Authority Requirements for Aircrew - Detailed [E.1178-ARA.002]
- CC-Qualification of Cabin Crew Involved in Commercial Air Transport Operations.0 [E.1178-CC.001]
- Conversion and Acceptance of Licences.001-001 [E.1178.AN.II.III.001]
- FCL-A-General Requirements.001-001 [E.1178.FCL-A.001]
- FCL-BC-Non Commercial Licences.001-001 [E.1178.FCL-BC.001]
- FCL-DEF-Professional Licences.001-001 [E.1178.FCL-DEF.001]
- FCL-GH-Ratings/Aeroplanes.001-001 [E.1178.FCL-GH (A).001-001]
- FCL-GH-Ratings/Helicopters.001-001 [E.1178.FCL-GH.001]
- FCL-GHI-Ratings.001-001 [E.1178.FCL-GHI.001-001]
- FCL-JK-Instructors and Examiners.001-001 [E.1178.FCL-JK.001]
- Organisation Requirements for Aircrew - General overview (Part-ORA) [E.1178-ORA.001]
- Organisation Requirements for Aircrew - Detailed (Part-ORA) [E.1178-ORA.002]
- Part Med.001-001 [E.1178.AN.IV.001]

Course Content

The main content addresses the following topics:

Intro to the Basic Regulation EC 216/08

Detailed review of Air Crew Regulation EU 1178/11:

  • Annex I Part FCL
  • Annex II Condition for converting existing national licenses
  • Annex III Conditions for the acceptance of licenses issued by or on behalf of 3rd countries
  • Annex IV Part Medical
  • Annex V Part Cabin Crew
  • Annex VI Authority requirements for Air Crew
  • Annex VII Organization requirements for Air Crew
  • Associated Acceptable Means of Compliance (AMC) and Guidance Material (GM)

Learning Objectives

To familiarize participants with the new structure and content of the Air Crew regulation.

Who should take this course

  • Staff members of AOC holders and training organizations.
  • Flight Operations Inspectors from NAA’s and external auditors


A desire to understand the content of Air Crew requirements.

Note: Participants are kindly requested to bring their laptop to the training venue. Part of the training material will be provided electronically on a USB stick and access to this information is required for some elements of the course.


3 Days Starting at 09:00 on all 3 days and ending at approx. 17:00 on the first two days and 15:00 on the third day.