International Aviation Law & Policy - Comprehensive

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Schiphol-Rijk Netherlands
11 March 2021 Available
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€ 45.00

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This Examination can only be taken after full attendance to the International Aviation Law and Policy - Comprehensive Training Course. If you are not registered for the course or have not attended it at JAA TO in the past, this Examination reservation will be cancelled.

This is a closed-book Examination. It will be held at the end of the course. Duration is max. 45 minutes. Pass mark is 65%.

Candidates who pass this Examination will receive a JAA TO/ECAC Certificate of Accomplishment.

Unless you have paid by credit card, an invoice has been sent (to the billing address indicated during your registration process). For enquiries regarding invoices/payment, please contact accounting@jaato.com. You will not be able to take the Examination before payment has been made.

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Locations & Dates
JAA TO Schiphol-Rijk, NL Netherlands
11 March 2021 Available
€ 45.00