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Hoofddorp, Netherlands

08 September 2017 28 November 2017

Larnaca, Cyprus

26 October 2017


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Environment Awareness


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It is noticeable that concerns about man’s impact on the environment are now frequently in the news. Such impacts range from the very local effects of noise in the workplace to the global issue of climate change. The environment is also a big political issue and the subject of action at both the national and international level.

Like every other sphere of industry, the civil aviation sector faces calls to reduce its own environmental impact, whether it is noise around airports or the contribution of engine emissions to changes in the atmosphere. This is why the civil aviation community has made the environment a high priority and is devoting much effort in this area. Although most aviation organisations now have staff with specific environmental responsibilities, it is still essential that all those working in the sector are aware of environmental issues and what is being done to address them.

This training course therefore seeks to give an easy introduction to the general subject of the environment and to the specific environmental issues for civil aviation, without going into technical or policy detail. It is intended for all members of the civil aviation community, irrespective of their role or organisation, so that they might understand why this is a subject that everyone should know about.

Course Content

The course comprises the following elements:


Environment – General

  • Discussion on the environment and its constituent parts (atmosphere, oceans, plant and animal life, etc)
  • A review of mankind’s impacts on the environment, with particular reference to climate change and the international efforts on emissions reduction
  • The concept of sustainable development
  • Public and political aspects

The Environmental Impacts of Aviation

  • Aircraft and Engine Noise:  Basic noise definitions, noise sources and measurement, health effects
  • Engine emissions:  The types of emissions produced by aircraft engines, their effects on air quality and health and their contribution to climate change
  • Other environmental impacts, such as those arising from airport operations and from aircraft manufacture and maintenance

Aviation Community Action

  • The International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) and its environmental activities
  • Reduction Measures:  An overview of the measures being taken or proposed to reduce aircraft noise and emissions
  • The roles and responsibilities of other members of the civil aviation sector, including States, the aviation industry and non-governmental organisations


Learning Objectives

On completion of the course, the participant will have an understanding of:

  • How man is affecting the environment
  • The major environmental impacts related to aviation, together with the technical, operational and economic measures being taken to reduce them
  • Why the environment is a priority for the civil aviation community and how the various members of the community can contribute to addressing it


Who should take this course

The course is intended for all those working in the civil aviation sector, whether they are working in a government department or in a part of the aviation industry.  It is thus open to staff at any level and in any role, particularly those with little or no prior knowledge of the subject or who are new to the aviation sector.



The course is given in English and will include the opportunity for discussion on issues arising from the content – indeed this is encouraged. Participants should therefore have a good command of the English language and a basic knowledge of civil aviation.



One full day, starting at 09:00 and ending at approx 16:30.